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Ethan Wiley is the son of artist William T. Wiley and filmmaker Dorothy Wiley.  In the 1960s in Marin County, he grew up around the amazing group of artists featured in this film.   Ethan attended UCLA Theater & Film, then landed his first job with George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic.  His special effects credits include Return of the Jedi, Gremlins and Romancing the Stone.   Although he has worked as a screenwriter for Warner Bros, New World, Cannon, New Line, Fox, Disney, Miramax and Universal, the main emphasis of Ethan's career has been as an independent filmmaker.  


Ethan's writing, directing and producing credits including the haunted house comedies House and House 2, horror films Children of the Corn 5, Blackwater Valley Exorcism, Black Ops, and Brutal, the family comedy Elf-Man and Chinese adventure film Journey to the Forbidden Valley.  Recently Wiley was screenwriter for Dead Again In Tombstone for Universal Pictures.  In addition to directing Dude Ranch Dada, He is also co-directing Mike Henderson: Here I Stand, focused on Henderson's career as a painter, musician, filmmaker and art professor.  He also performs with a mandolin occasionally.

Ethan Wiley & William T. Wiley

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